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Welcome to Eyal TTS 2014 Ltd., a company established and managed by Eyal Raanan, who specializes in Taiwan

Traveling in Taipingshan

A few words about myself: I am a businessperson, who has had business contacts with Taiwanese companies for more than 20 years and who travels there a number of times every year.  Furthermore, I have an Israeli license to conduct tour groups overseas as a ‘Tour Manager’.

Over the years, I have toured, hiked and guided across the length and breadth of Taiwan accumulating much knowledge and experience, in the wake of which many people have approached me with requests for guidance and consultation. Over time, the hobby has become an additional occupation and currently I offer the following:

1) Consultation and planning independent tours for tourists.

2) The option of accompaniment for closed groups, groups of friends or workplaces.

As a person who, on the one hand, has a thorough knowledge of Taiwan and, on the other hand as an Israeli I can offer you the utmost assistance in planning an independent tour to Taiwan.

I will tailor a special tour for your tastes and interest, in accordance with your flights and will assist you in planning the tour logically taking distances, terrain and special circumstances in Taiwan into consideration (for example closure of roads in the mountains in view of mudslides and typhoon damages or earthquakes), in a manner that considers the time table, thus saving you time and enabling you to tour without any difficulty and even to drive independently in a country in which most of the signage outside of the city is in Chinese.

I will recommend sites and events that are suitable for you and answer all your queries relating to Taiwan. I will also equip you with Hebrew explanations about a substantial part of the sites.

​​I am at your service,

Eyal Raanan.

ליווי קבוצות חברים
ליווי קבוצות חברים
ליווי קבוצות חברים
Accompaniment of Groups of Friends

An article in “Lemetayel"

A detailed article that I wrote about Taiwan for the  ”Lametayel” website (Lemetayel 50 plus), which constitutes an integral part of my Guide to Taiwan, which will be published shortly


You can read about the experiences that tourists, who were assisted by my services, have shared

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