We were quite in a few trips to the East (China, Vietnam, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Nepal).

No doubt the last two weeks (Taiwan) have been the best and most successful trip!

The combination of an amazing country and excellent track was a winning combination !!!

We want to thank you for building an excellent route, for the all-round accompaniment and amazing knowledge of exactly the things and places Taiwan has to offer.

We would be happy to recommend if anyone needed to contact us.

Ofir Merav Roni & Daniela

October 2019

טיול בטייוואן של אופיר מרב רוני ודניאלה

With very short notice, we received a suggestion from our daughter to meet her in Taiwan. We were told about Eyal and, within a period of two weeks, he planned a beautiful route for us. Eyal instilled a love for Taiwan in us and performed the preparation work with much earnestness and depth. We received a detailed route with explanations about the various sites from him. Eyal gave us a daily link to the route of the trip and all that we had to do was click on the link and set out. This fact is highly significant because in Taiwan the signs are in Chinese and the citizens do not speak English.

During our tour, Eyal was in constant contact with us. He was attentive to our requests and, if we chose to change the route we immediately received a new link and alternative suggestions. Throughout the tour we felt that we were in good hands.

​Eyal performed the work with much love and dedication and we highly recommend him !!

The tour took place from February 19 to March 3, 2019.

Gabi and Ayala Nahum

טיול בטייוואן של גבי ואילה נחום

We traveled to Taiwan for a professional conference and wanted to exploit the opportunities for touring the island. We were referred to Eyal by common acquaintances. Eyal planned the perfect tour for us, but he did not end here. He arranged a preceding meeting for us with explanations about Taiwan, recommended hotels for us and equipped us with ‘online maps’ for everyday use during the tour, including sites for stopping and recommendations that we would not have found in any book. During the tour, we were in constant contact with him (without any problem of time differences, because he gets up very early in the morning) not only for answers to questions or for advice, but also just to relate our experiences. Eyal shared our excitement and, throughout, he made sure that everything was in order. Like a caring father. 

The tour was unforgettable, most definitely one of the best that we have experienced, both because Taiwan is wonderful and because of Eyal’s professional and warm accompaniment.

​Michal and Gideon Stossel

טיול בטייוואן של מיכל וגדעון שטוסל

Eyal has inexhaustible data on Taiwan. He adapted the tour to all our quirks and we had many of those… He made corrections where we requested with endless patience, offered alternatives and the result was amazing. We experienced a dream tour!

Thank you Eyal (-:

Tamar, Ayelet and Arie

My wife and I participated in a trip to Taiwan by a group of friends. The one who planned the trip from beginning to end and was also the guide was Mr. Eyal Raanan.

The trip was just great - and we really enjoyed it. Eyal knows Taiwan very well, but beyond that he is a serious person who takes care of every detail so that the trip will be perfect and without mishap.

The planning of the trip and the selection of the sites were excellent, and everything was well organized, in an exceptional way. It is also about tourist sites and hotels and everything around. On top of all this, Eyal is a charming person, so that the guidance and stay with him during the trip was a nice experience. We stayed in touch with Eyal even after the trip and we held several after-trip meetings.

Warmly and implicitly I recommend the services that Eyal Raanan provides with relation to Taiwan, both in consulting, organization and in tour guidance.

Liora and Yossi Havilio