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Taiwan for The Independent Tourist


Eyal Raanan with a local Taiwanese friend

Taiwan integrates the beauty of nature, and the charm of its population, modernity alongside simplicity. Impressive high-tech plants alongside aboriginal villages. Taiwan is an island with high mountains rolling down to the sea with breathtaking cliffs, rivers and waterfalls along its length and breadth. Its mantle of jungles decorates it with infinite shades of green, a diversified living world that includes monkeys, birds, butterflies, caterpillars and even rare bears

The aboriginal history, that has been a part of the island since time immemorial, with the addition of the ancient Chinese culture, which the Chinese migrants brought  in three waves of immigration from China, alongside 50 years of Japanese influence during its period of rule over the island, have generated a diversified, enthralling cultural combination that gains expression in state-of-the-art technology and industry, and richness of culinary, architectural, musical  plus  religious tolerance. Taiwan practices freedom of religion that spreads out and exposes an impressive range of religions and faiths.

Taiwan is extremely pleasant for strangers in general and Israelis in particular. Israelis get a sense of admiration and identification with the history of the Jewish people in general and the State of Israel in particular. All the aforementioned provide a pleasant and interesting experience for Israeli tourists.

 I set myself the target of making Taiwan accessible for the independent tourist

Our personalized service starts by getting to know you, learning about your tour objectives and highlights, your time frame including both the length of your intended stay and the season you plan to travel, in order to produce an optimal personalized trip tailored to your requests.

The aim is to create a personal simple tour with Hebrew guidance and explanations and to make driving (for sites outside of Taipei) a simple experience with the aid of a mobile phone and links to user-friendly navigation maps.  You will be equipped with all the information necessary for an independent tour, Hebrew explanations about routes and sites for each day and even within the tour day, recommended points for stopping and resting and tips for conduct in a country in which English is not the spoken language everywhere (but in most cases signage is written in Latin characters).

The major advantages of an independent personalized tour are:

  • Flexibility for changes in time schedule - for example if you wish to extend your journey for an additional day in a particularly enjoyable site or because of inclement weather, which limits a visit to a site on a particular day you can change the schedule in real time giving preference to a more suitable day, thus you will not be dependent on any preset rigid time schedule.

  • In addition you will experience and enjoy direct interaction with the local population. For example, in some places, you will stay over at a “Minsu,” (the Taiwanese equivalent to guesthouses) in which the contact with the landlords is warmer and more personal than at a regular hotel or as part of an organized group.

I will assist you to understand the charming secrets of Taiwan via a visit to most of its sites, its culture and history during the period at your disposal and maximize your enjoyment from this charming and less known country to us.


To maximize your pleasure from this charming country

Eyal Raanan with friendly taiwanese

To enjoy and experience interaction with the local population

A monkey mom with her baby

To tour independently

and simply

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